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Getting Started

The Life of an Athlete program is a comprehensive program that identifies and works with all aspects of high school athletics, including coaches, Athletic Directors, administrators, parents, communities and athletes themselves with a proactive approach to athletic participation. While this program focuses on athletes, the model will have residual impacts on all segments of the school and community. The program is laid out in a 5 phase process and includes:

Phase 1 – Pre Season meetings for Entry Level Athletes and Parents
Establishing mandatory seasonal meetings to discuss conditions for involvement, expectations, philosophy and what it means to be an athlete.

Phase 2 – Athletic Codes of Conduct Conditions for involvement
Bringing a code of conduct from conceptualization to implementation & enforcement; includes strategies for fan behavior, parental issues and seven non-negotiable conditions for being part of an athletic team.

Phase 3 – Coaching Effectiveness Training
Training all coaches at all levels to understand and confront chemical health issues, including workshops on how to send a message to your team and use student leaders to monitor team dynamics.

Phase 4 – Developing Leadership to Confront Behaviors of Concern
Identifying and developing student (team) leaders who assist the coach with identifying behaviors of concern with the peers.

Phase 5 – Stakeholder Unity
Ensuring all members of the community take stake in eliminating drug and alcohol use among youth.

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