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John Underwood’s Life of An Athlete – A Good Investment in Tough Times

Written by Julia Sherman on .

John Underwood’s Life of an Athlete continues to gain fans and followers in Wisconsin’s school. In tough economic times adopting the Life of an Athlete is a proven, effective and financially responsible approach to preventing underage drinking and drug use.
Rooted in a enforced uniform Code of Conduct, student leadership and consistent community expectations the Life of an Athlete supports student decisions to live and play alcohol and drug free. It works because it based on simple provable truth – getting drunk erases 14 days of physical training. If parents want their child to pull in an athletic scholarship or if young Scholar-Athletes want to experience peak performance, alcohol use will steal those dreams.

Championships – individual or team – are won by split seconds and decisions that require every ounce of effort on the court, field or mat. When youth drink, they don’t bring 100% of their ability to the game and Underwood proves it with fearless clarity and in living color. He has spent years documenting the impact of alcohol on peak performance. I’ve watched parents and youth sit stunned into silence as John Underwood explains exactly what each drinking incident steals from the next athletic event.

Let me be very clear, Life of an Athlete isn’t a motivational presentation or a marketing device for shirts, books or nutritional supplements. It is...

...system that communities and schools adopt and sustain themselves beginning with athletes but applicable to all co-curricular activities.

Life of an Athlete promotes the character development and accountability among young athletes that builds better teams, better athletes and ultimately better adults. Two states, New York and New Mexico, have made it part of the athletic program in every public high school in the state

Each of us have a role in reducing Wisconsin’s shameful rate of underage drinking. If your community has – or is considering – Life of an Athlete take the time to learn more about the program and how you can be involved. Your time will be well spent and your community will reap the benefits for years to come.

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