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2013 Life of an Athlete Summer Session

Written by Brian Mitchell on .

June 29th-July 7th, 2013

Eastern United States Olympic Training Center in Lake Placid, NY

Additionally, a Coaches Super Clinic will be held on July 6 and 7th to end this 2013 Summer Session conference.  Travel and check in day is July 5th for this Super Clinic and the program will begin 8:00 AM on July 6th and end at noon July 7th. Coaches Super Clinics have become recognized nationwide as a goldmine of information on training, recovery, diet and nutrition, peaking, age appropriate workloads, specific workouts for optimal improvement, performance blockers, team building and so much more. It is the most comprehensive clinic you could attend to bring back the “ motherload’  of knowledge and new ideas to your programs. 

There are three options this year:

    • June 29 – July 2 Adult Comprehensive/Implementation Life of an Athlete Training

(Travel and Check-in day is June 29) (Check out day July 2 at noon) Cost \$600 includes training, room and board and complete LOA materials

    • July 2-July 5 National Athlete Leader  Summit

(Travel and Check-in day July) (Check out date is July 2 at noon) (Check out time is July 5 at noon) Cost \$400 includes training, room and board and complete LOA materials

    • July 5-7 LOA Coaches Super Clinic

(Travel day and Check in is July 5) (Check out is July 7at noon) Cost \$300 includes training, room and board and complete LOA materials

Click here for the facebook event page

Travel is to ALB Albany NY Capital airport and Lake Placid is a scenic two hour drive north through the 6 million acre Adirondack Park.  

Housing is at the USOTC on a first come first serve basis. All rooms are double or triple occupancy. Once housing allotments at USOTC are full, overflow housing will be at local hotels which will be at tourist peak rates. These arrangements must be made by attendees. 

Meal plans for USOTC can be purchased for hotel groups. Food at USOTC is healthy training table food for elite athletes. All you can eat including snacks and drinks.

docxClick here to download this information in a Word .doc393.59 KB

For any other questions call Olly Petrova  at 518.796.8334.

'Life of an Athlete' Helps Kids Make Smart Choices

Written by Michael Popke on .

On the final Saturday night in September, a group of student-athletes from Sun Prairie (Wis.) High School hosted the first all-school "dry party" — three hours of open gym and swim, inflatable jousting, plenty of pizza and college football on TV in the commons, with members of the football, soccer, volleyball and dance booster clubs donating their time and resources. Even though only about one in 10 of the suburban Madison school's 1,900 students in grades 9 through 12 showed up, it was enough to convince athletics and activities director Jim McClowry that Athletes Committed needs to plan more such free events.

"I told the kids, 'People are not going... 

John Underwood’s Life of An Athlete – A Good Investment in Tough Times

Written by Julia Sherman on .

John Underwood’s Life of an Athlete continues to gain fans and followers in Wisconsin’s school. In tough economic times adopting the Life of an Athlete is a proven, effective and financially responsible approach to preventing underage drinking and drug use.
Rooted in a enforced uniform Code of Conduct, student leadership and consistent community expectations the Life of an Athlete supports student decisions to live and play alcohol and drug free. It works because it based on simple provable truth – getting drunk erases 14 days of physical training. If parents want their child to pull in an athletic scholarship or if young Scholar-Athletes want to experience peak performance, alcohol use will steal those dreams.

Championships – individual or team – are won by split seconds and decisions that require every ounce of effort on the court, field or mat. When youth drink, they don’t bring 100% of their ability to the game and Underwood proves it with fearless clarity and in living color. He has spent years documenting the impact of alcohol on peak performance. I’ve watched parents and youth sit stunned into silence as John Underwood explains exactly what each drinking incident steals from the next athletic event.

Let me be very clear, Life of an Athlete isn’t a motivational presentation or a marketing device for shirts, books or nutritional supplements. It is...