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What is LOA?

The "Life Of an Athlete" program is focused on providing information to students regarding the negative effects alcohol consumption can have on their athletic performance and their life. It is a comprehensive program that identifies and works with all aspects of high school athletics, including coaches, Athletic Directors, administrators, parents, communities and the athletes themselves, with a proactive approach to athletic participation. While this program focuses on athletes, the model has residual impacts on all segments of the school and community.

Consider the facts:

  • Alcohol is the leading drug of abuse among teens in our country today.
  • Statistics show that nearly 60% of all seniors and close to 50% of all juniors report regular drinking activity.
  • Studies from the American Athletic Institute have provided evidence that consumption of alcohol directly relates to decreased athletic performance.
  • Alcohol consumption decreases speed, endurance, agility, strength, and concentration; all key factors in the success of an athlete.
Time is one of the most important aspects in a young athlete's life. Athletes will not always have their "athletic ability." Eventually, a person's athletic ability will begin to diminish with age. Athletes have to accomplish in the first quarter of their life, what they will never have the opportunity to accomplish again- being an athlete.